WGH HS has two new National African American Recognition Program Scholars!

Warren G. Harding High School seniors Mia Jones and Sarah Bell each have been named a National African American Recognition Program Scholar by the College Board.

Sarah is considering a visual communications career while Mia is looking at a possible career in radiology. Both are hoping to attend The Ohio State University.

The College Board’s National African American Recognition Program is an academic honor for academically exceptional African American students who have scored in the top 10 percent of the state on the PSAT or earned a score of 3 or higher on two or more AP exams by their junior year. To qualify, they must also have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Students can include the academic honor in college and scholarship applications. The program also helps students connect with universities and scholarship programs across the country by sharing their achievements in the College Board Student Search Service. 

As a result, students will receive outreach from colleges that may include special recognition or scholarship information. About 1,500 four-year colleges use the College Board Student Search Service.

Are you a good friend? Willard PK-8 students talk basics about treating their classmates & others with kindness & respect.

It’s all about “How to be a Good Friend” for the first few months of school at Willard PK-8.

For the first nine weeks of the 2023-2024 school year, Willard PK-8 school is focusing on the SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) theme: Connections with the focus on Friendship. 

Teachers are doing weekly SEL lessons that coincide with the theme and each pod has an assembly for each grade level so students understand the meaning behind it. 

“We want students to understand what it means to be a good friend and also discuss when someone is not being a good friend,” explained PK-2 Pod Principal and Campus Leader Carly Polder.

Student work focused on Friendship is on display throughout the school building.

Students watch videos featuring staff depicting good and bad behavior. They are also given scenarios and, after discussing them among their classmates and teacher, share whether they think it was good behavior or bad behavior.

One highlight includes introducing students to the “Buddy Bench.” Students are encouraged to talk to or play with any classmate sitting on the Buddy Bench alone.

The Boys Are Back! WCS preschool boys’ spend 1st day exploring their surroundings

Warren City Schools preschool teachers on Thursday, Aug. 24, welcomed their preschool boys to class. The girls came to school for the first time on Wednesday, Aug. 23.

On Monday, Aug. 28, boys and girls will join each other and everyone will be in class together!

We will be sharing more about our youngest learners as the year progresses. So, please stay tuned.

Read, Write, Play … Everyday! WCS Preschool is underway.

Warren City Schools preschool teachers on Wednesday, Aug. 23, welcomed their preschool girls to class. It will be the boys’ turn on Thursday, Aug. 24. Then, on Monday, Aug. 28, boys and girls will join each other and everyone will be in class together!

Please stay tuned and we will keep you posted on some activities and exciting events throughout the school year among some of our youngest learners!

Berk donation benefits WCS students

Once again, Warren City Schools is among those districts benefitting from Berk Enterprises Inc.’s good will.

Berk recently donated school supplies to Warren City Schools. Locally, Girard City Schools also received some of the school supplies.

The school supplies were collected over the past two weeks at Berk Enterprises in Warren and Past Times Arcade in Girard.

This was the second year for the collection, and the two companies collected 17,256 items – nearly six times the 3,000 items they collected last year.

WCS, Community Welcome Students to the 1st Day of 2023-2024

Warren City Schools Superintendent Steve Chiaro, along with district principals, teachers and other staff members joined community members in greeting students at the doors Monday, Aug. 21, 2023 – the opening day of the 2023-2024 school year.

Welcoming students as they arrive at school on the first day has become a tradition for Warren City Schools and the community. The initiative is part of the 100 Men of Warren effort to start students off on a positive note with a greeting and words of encouragement, such as “Have a great year,” and “You’re going to do great.”

Volunteers from Second Baptist Church of Warren and the United Way of Trumbull County joined school staff and community leaders at each of the district’s five school buildings to welcome the students to school.

Inquiring Minds: WCS Grade 5-8 Teachers’ professional development session focuses on using our thinking skills

Grades 5 – 8 science teachers recently participated in professional development on Thursday, August 10.  They took part in an  inquiry activity from the book Argument-driven Inquiry.

Inquiry skills follow a circular process that asks questions, researches answers, interprets information, presents findings, and reflects. The process helps students learn and use higher-order thinking skills like analysis and synthesis.