WGH students rock math challenge

Students at Warren G. Harding High School competed against each other Thursday, Feb. 13, in a mock version of the Moody Math Challenge.

For a moth prior to the competition, teachers Kristy Thornton and Courtney Susko worked with the students in training simulations to solve real-world problems through the lens of mathematics.

The program culminated with the day-long challenge in the high school library where students, working in teams, were given a problem, worked on the solution, then presented the solutions to a panel of judges. The students worked on a project involving automobile insurance costs.

Mrs. Thornton and Mrs. Susko organized the event for freshmen and sophomores who tested gifted in math, reading/writing, or creative thinking. 

The 10th Grade Team Winners are:

  • Sarah Herko
  • Sophie Gardner
  • Aaron Lawrence
  • Everett Miranda
  • Andrew Waldman 

Program sets solid path for WGH senior to pursue tech career

Warren G. Harding High School Senior Zyaire Bush has successfully completed the initial steps along his pursuit of a career in information technology.

Warren City Schools has partnered with the Youngstown State University Workforce Development Program to offer an opportunity for students to earn industry-recognized credentials for engineering, informational technology and advanced manufacturing.   

The program aligns with the YSU Excellence Training Center and provides an opportunity for students to complete online coursework at school and to also receive hands-on experience and training with advanced manufacturing equipment currently used in industry. 

Zyaire is enrolled in the Information Technology Program and completed the COMP TIA IT Fundamentals coursework and successfully passed his certification exam.  He has earned points towards the completion of the Industry Recognized Credential for COMP TIA, which focuses on common operating systems, network connectivity, security and common software applications. 

At the completion of the program, students have the opportunity to meet with representatives from local businesses and to interview for a job or paid internship.  There has been unprecedented growth and demand for more employees in our local area for the skilled trades,  advanced manufacturing, engineering, and informational technology. 

Jefferson student raises $373 for Salvation Army

Macey Sacco, a 4th-grade student at Warren’s Jefferson PK-8 School, presented $373.62 to local Salvation Army leaders.

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023, Ramona Ramsey, Youth Coordinator, and Kiley Williams, Corp Officer for the Salvation Army, were on hand at Jefferson to collect the donation.

The donation was an extension of a story Macey’s class read about how one person can make a difference. She identified the organization, created a way to collect money, created fliers, and collected money through the quarter drop.

She also made public service announcements during the school’s morning announcements.