2022-23 WGH Cheerleading Clinics

The 2022-23 WGH Cheerleading Clinics for incoming freshman through 11th graders is May 11th and 12th with Tryouts are on May 13th. Current 9th-11th graders MUST pick up a tryout packet in the Athletic Office for their two (2) teacher evaluations. To sign up for tryouts please fill out the link listed below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScul5dEa1x8bLD9JUBWueEWOUxNd_SLawVPrytzFeKRSHQN-w/viewform?usp=sf_link

W.G.H. @ Y.S.U.

Warren G. Harding High School Students along with their advisors, Ahmed Sutton and Maryjo Pardee, recently spent the day at the 2022 Y.S.U. English Festival. At the event, students met authors, entered writing competitions, had book talks, and participated in games.

This year the top prize, The Candace Gay Memorial Essay Contest, was won by Freshman Sophie Gardner.

Other writing competitions won by warren G Harding students are as follows:

Denise Hendrie:  I <3 Limericks

Brenna Bitner:  Writing Games

Bryan Angel:  Writing Games

Shanyla Bundy:  Impromptu Writing

Janaya Carnathan:  Writing Games

Emily Barrickman:  Writing Games

Dylan Smith:  Impromptu writing

Rose Strother:  Impromptu writing

Courtney Wilcox:  I <3 Limericks

Sophie Gardner:  I <3 Limericks

Yurelis Navarro:  I <3 Limericks

Hopping into Spring Break

Today the WGH National Honor Society Students hosted an Egg Hunt for the PK students at WGH. Each PK student was buddied up an NHS student for the event. The PK kids got to decorate a bag, use their seeking skills to find the eggs, their counting skills to find the right number of eggs, and their communication skills to share stories with their NHS buddies.

This was a super special and fun event! See the images below!
We hope everyone has a wonderful Spring Break!


Hillary Allen and Brandy Scarmack, NHS Advisors

Scientifically speaking: WCS preschoolers get creative with colors

PK Lava Lamps

Preschoolers at Warren’s McGuffey PK-8 School recently explored mixing colors as part of a science experiment.

Students in Mrs. Gilligan’s class followed a recipe of colors, water and other safe household supplies to create their own lava lamps.

Mrs. Gilligan noted their are several benefits that come with hands-on learning. For example, students:

  • Learn from engaging in real experiences;
  • Interact with their environment and each other;
  • Use all five of their senses to explore;
  • Engage multiple areas of the brain;
  • Build fine motor skills.

 Mrs. Gilligan said, “It was a big hit with the students!  

36th Annual Civic Day

The 36th annual Civic Day activities took place on Friday, April 8, 2022. Representing Warren G. Harding High School were students of Mr. Samuel Amoline: Emma Adams, Tralynn Crowder, Taylor Jackson, Taylor Redick, and Hannah Shuttic. Mrs. Wendy Harzell, associate superintendent of Warren City Schools, and Mrs. Sandy Williams, principal at W.G.H., participated as officials. The students were able to shadow area officials including Mrs. Hartzell and Mrs. Williams, as well as Mr. Doug Franklin, Mayor of Warren.