Lincoln 5th-grader scores 1st-place Challenge 24 trophy

Challenge 24 WinnerCongratulations to 5th-grader Maxwell Milton who placed first in his category at the annual Challenge 24 math competition.

Milton is a student at Lincoln PK-8 School. He was among the more than 180 students from across Trumbull County who participated in this year’s event.

The competition tests the math skills of students in grades 4 through 8. Categories are by grade level: 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th/8th.

The students look at cards containing four numbers of any combination of 1 to 9, and then use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to come up with the final number of 24.

Competitors may use each number on the card only once. Four students at each table compete to win the highest number of cards by the end of each round. The first student to come up with an answer taps the table and recites the steps he or she took to arrive at the number 24.

There are penalties for students giving incorrect answers.

Sponsors were the Tribune Chronicle, Trumbull County Educational Service Center and Cortland Bank. The event was at Warren G. Harding High School.


WCS Advances SEL, Equity Efforts


Warren City Schools has continued putting the                                                                      district’s Social and Emotional Learning efforts into action.

District leaders continued to develop their knowledge and action around Equity and SEL with a session for all members of the District Leadership Team. Teachers and administrators from all buildings were involved in the Oct. 3 session that highlighted different aspects of Equity and Privilege. In the near future, the Warren District Leadership Team will lead in the education and advancement of Equity issues in the school district, making this important topic a bi-partisan effort.

District efforts continued with an interactive roundtable at Warren G. Harding High School where teacher/administrative leaders led small student groups in discussions around hopes/fears – discovering student voice at all grade levels. Every staff member and student participated. Later, roundtable staff leaders and select students, facilitated by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) Consultant Linda Lantieri and building administrators discussed the process. As a result of that conversation, the group decided that the students would advise the staff on the next steps of the monthly roundtable process.


Congratulations 20 under 20!

Three Warren G. Harding Seniors have been awarded the  Tribune Chronicle’s 2018 20 Under 20 Award.  This award recognizes 20 young adults under the age of 20 who have contributed to their community while maintaining good grades and participating extracurricular activities.  Congratulations to Katie McBane, Alexander Payiavlas, and Lydia Walls.  The trio will be honored at a banquet in December hosted by the Tribune Chronicle this December.

McBane, Payiavlas, and Walls