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Safety, Order and Rights of Others:  Message to the Parents

When the severe weather season approaches, we ask that all children be at their bus stop five minutes prior to bus arrival. Children generally wait until they see the bus arrive and then run to the bus stop. This is not only dangerous for the students because of slippery sidewalks, but it also causes the buses to arrive late at school. If you have any questions, please call the Transportation Department.

As a parent, you realize that it is a privilege to have transportation services offered by your school district. Student safety is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone with a stake in student transportation, including parents, teachers, drivers, motorists and your child’s school principal has a role in safety. We must work together to ensure a safe ride for our school children.

We ask that, as a parent, you discuss school bus safety with your child, using the Student’s Guide to Positive Behavior. These safety guidelines will help students stay safe each day as they ride the bus. We ask that you review this information carefully with your child, acknowledging that you understand and accept the rules of the Warren City School District’s Transportation Program.

Safety, Order and the Rights of Others are rules of Warren City Schools. Please help us teach your children these commitments by making it a priority at home.


  • Students should stand back from the curb while waiting. Stay out of the street.
  • Students should cross in front of the bus when the driver signals.
  • Students should follow the directions of the driver.
  • Students should use the handrail when entering or exiting a bus.
  • Students should never go under the bus or bend down near the bus.
  • Students should avoid unnecessary conversation while the bus is in motion.
  • Students should keep all parts of their bodies inside the bus.
  • Students should keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
  • Students should not throw objects out of the bus or within the bus.
  • Students should not use tobacco products on the bus.
  • Students have the right to talk quietly, but should avoid loud, boisterous behavior that could distract the
    bus driver, particularly at railroad crossings.


  • Students need to be at the bus stop (5) minutes before the bus arrives.
  • Students should line up in an orderly fashion when the bus arrives and refrain from pushing or charging the bus.
  • Students should ride their assigned bus.
  • Students should remain in their assigned seats.
  • Students should refrain from eating or drinking on the bus.
  • Students should maintain the cleanliness of the bus.

Rights of Others

  • Students have the right to a safe and orderly bus ride.
  • Students have the right to be treated with respect.
  • Students should respect the property of residents at the bus stop.
  • Students should not use obscene or abusive language on the bus.
  • Students should respect the personal belongings of others.

Day Care Transportation Policy

Transportation services are assigned to children who need them to get to and from school. If your child is bused to school and attends day care within his/her school’s boundaries, he/she is eligible for transportation to day care. If your child is not assigned to a bus route and walks to school, he/she is not eligible for transportation. Further, the day care center must:

  • Be in the Warren City School District
  • Be on an existing Warren City School’s route
  • Care for at least twenty (20) students on a daily basis
  • Be registered with Warren City Schools
  • Sign a form indicating that an attendant will meet students as they get off the bus. (The attendant
    will meet students at the curb; our bus will not pull into parking lots, driveways, etc.)


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