WGH ‘Principles of Foods’ Students Display Principles of Kindness With Baked Goods Donations

October is an exciting time in the Principles of Foods cooking classes as they participate in “Make a Difference October.” 

Students spent time researching local nonprofit organizations in Warren, the missions of those organizations and the people who benefit from the services provided by each organization.   

The organizations were discussed. The ones with the most votes will receive the donations over the next few weeks as a way for students to give back and truly leave a positive mark on the Warren community. 

Each week throughout the month of October, the cooking students will prepare baked good items and then decide as a lab group how much of their baked goods to donate to the weekly nonprofit organization.  

On Wednesday, October 5, Virgol Ball, Zachery Fannin, Emma Rittwage and Cerenitie Wilson delivered 113 chocolate chip cookies, which were baked by all Principles of Foods students, to Warren Family Mission. 

Warren Family Mission received the most votes from the classes as many students expressed an understanding of the impact that Warren Family Mission has on Warren all year round.

Once again, the week of Oct. 12, in the WGH cooking classes, all groups were very eager to donate a portion of their group’s baked goods to a nonprofit organization in Warren.  Many students selected SomePlace Safe as their top choice this week to make a difference. Several students said they selected this nonprofit organization due to the mission of SomePlace Safe and the impact that the hard working staff members have had on domestic violent victims and their families in Warren over the years. 

On Oct. 11, 3rd-period students Sydni Strother, Sedona McQuaide, Gabby Moore, Ja’Mare Anderson and Leo Peterson represented all 66 WGH cooking students by delivering 172 beautifully baked and decorated cupcakes to this well deserving nonprofit organization.  The cooking classes truly made a difference to the loving staff as well as the residents of SomePlace Safe.

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