WGH SMASH Students: Maneuvering for Safer Highways

Run. Jump. Toss. Make the shot.

Normally, none of those tasks would be an issue for the students participating in the obstacle course inside the gymnasium at Warren G. Harding High School on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

However, several of them found it more difficult once they donned a pair of goggles that cause the wearer to display behaviors typical of individuals impaired by alcohol at various BAC levels.

The simulation was presented by four of their classmates who have been participating in the Trumbull County SMASH (Students Making A Safer Highway) program. The program is a collaborative effort among the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio State University Extension Trumbull County, and nearly 60 students various school districts within Trumbull County. The group meets throughout the school year at the Trumbull County Educational Service Center.

The simulation served as an end-of-year demonstration to share with their peers their efforts to encourage safer highways.

The obstacles course involved jumping hurdles, tossing a ball into a bucket/tub, “riding” through a set of cones and attempting to shoot a basket into a basketball hoop.

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