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Superintendent’s Message 8-10-2021: Letter to Families and Staff

August 6, 2021
WCS Families and Staff:
On behalf of our Administrative TEAM, we are very excited and have been preparing for the start of the 2021-2022 academic year in the Warren City Schools! This communication is intended to provide you important information regarding the start of school, including start dates by grade level or program, building times and COVID 19 requirements.
First, I am pleased to announce that ALL students PK-12 will be welcomed back to school five days per week just as we were operating prior to the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. In order to do this, and provide much needed in person learning opportunities for our students, we had to determine what COVID 19 mitigating factors we would put into place to best reduce the transmission of coronavirus in the school setting.
Below are the requirements, procedures and expectations for students and adults in the Warren City Schools. All students and adults are expected to comply with the requirements below as set forth by the Warren City Schools. Any exception should be approved, in advance, by the school or district administration. These requirements have been developed based upon guidance and recommendations by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Association of Pediatrics, (AAP), the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and in consultation with the Trumbull County Combined Health District and the Warren City Health Department.
WCS Transportation Procedure and Expectation:
 All individuals will be required to properly wear a facial covering or mask at all times while on a WCS bus.
Indoor Procedures & Expectations:
All individuals will be required to:
 Properly wear a facial covering or mask while indoors, in common areas and in classrooms. Exception to this requirement is while actively eating or drinking, or when an individual is working independently in their own work space, is utilizing a desk shield as a secondary barrier and is socially distanced three feet or more from others.
 Maintain social distancing of three feet or more at all times.
 Conduct a self-health assessment prior to reporting to a WCS school (for younger students this is the responsibility of their parent/adult caregiver). Individuals that are sick, have symptoms consistent with COVID 19, or a fever above 100.0 degrees needs to stay home until such time they are symptom or fever free for 24 hours without the use of symptom reducing medicine.
 Use hand sanitizer where available.
Outdoor Procedures and Expectations:
 The use of a facial covering or mask is recommended, however is optional.
 Social distancing is expected and close group gatherings are discouraged.
 Use hand sanitizer where available.

We believe requiring the above referenced mitigating factors will reduce school closures, reduce students and adults being quarantined and will improve the continuity and consistency of student learning. The alternative to these requirements, specifically the wearing of a facial covering or mask, would significantly increase the potential transmission of COVID 19 as well as students and adults being quarantined and students being sent home. Our students need to be in school and we all need to do our part to support our students and their learning.
Due to a recent change in guidance regarded blended learning and online learning, Warren City Schools is not going to offer a full online remote learning option or a blended learning option as we did last year. The Ohio Legislature made changes to these options in July that present challenges for implementation at this time. If you have a legitimate medical reason why your child cannot be in school, Principal Dani Burns has been designated to respond to parents that would like to discuss individual plans and options available to best support your child educationally. To contact Ms. Burns, email her at or call 330-841-2321 ext. 7601.
Start Dates by Grade
Monday, August 23rd – first day of school for students in grades 1-8, and grades 9 & 11 only at WGH.
Tuesday, August 24th – first day of school for students in KG, and grades 10 & 12 only at WGH.
Wednesday, August 25th – first day for PK boys only.
Thursday, August 26th – first day for PK girls only.
Building Times
WGH – breakfast starts at 7:35 am, tardy bell is at 8:00 am and buses depart at 2:45 pm.
Lincoln & McGuffey PK-8 Schools – breakfast starts at 8:25 am, tardy bell is at 8:40 am and buses depart at 3:30 pm.
Jefferson & Willard PK-8 Schools – breakfast starts at 9:10 am, tardy bell is at 9:25 am and buses depart at 4:15 pm.
If your child uses WCS Transportation your bus stop information will be sent to you via US Mail prior to the start of school at your current address we have on file. Should you have questions regarding transportation, please feel welcome to call our transportation department directly at 330-841-2265.
Finally, I would like to thank all of the parents and significant family members who worked with us and supported your child during the past several months while we all navigated through the challenges COVID 19 brought each of us. We are working hard to prepare your child educationally and we all need to work together for your child and their successful future. If you have any questions or concerns between now and the start of the academic year, please call or email your child’s school and talk with their Principal. There will be challenges this year and I believe working together we can achieve success for your child.
Steve Chiaro, Superintendent
Warren City Schools

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