Food Service Employees

‘For A Million Reasons’

The Fraternal Order of Police #34 has recognized several Warren City Schools service employees because they are “Essential for a Million Reasons.”

The recognition is in response to the multi-department collaborative efforts of the district’s food service, maintenance and transportation departments in serving more than one million meals to students in Warren via the district’s citywide feeding sights since the initial school shut down in March 2020.

On Thursday, May 20, FOP #34 President Brian Crites presented employees who assisted with the food distribution efforts a certificate to thank them for their “above and beyond” efforts.

Additionally, FOP #34, made up of members of the Warren City Police Department, including the school district’s School Resource Officers, gave each school building its own plaque.

“When it was brought to our attention that you had reached such a milestone we knew it was because each of you has gone above and beyond to serve our students, families and community over such an incredibly challenging time,” Crites said. “We knew we had to do something to show our appreciation and to thank you for all you do.”

The district’s food service, transportation and maintenance departments worked together to ensure meals arrived on time at 10 remote sites as well as all five of Warren’s school buildings.

Meals are also distributed at multiple sites at the schools and out of school buses that are out in the remote sites in the community. On Fridays children also received ‘weekend’ bags for Saturday and Sunday. Each child received a breakfast and lunch, just as they would in school.

“Being in the schools as SROs we see firsthand the work that takes place, from planning to preparation to putting everything into action, among these employees and the dedication and care they put into serving our students and our community,” said Warren City Police Officer Michael Currington, SRO at Lincoln and McGuffey PK-8 school.

“When we learned they had served over a million meals, we thought wow, that’s fantastic, and the members of the FOP all agreed that deserves some recognition.”

The district revised its food distribution immediately upon being notified of the statewide school shutdown to serve students and their families once the district moved to remote learning.

“It’s amazing to know that we’ve impacted so many lives, so many children, the thank yous that we get. It’s exciting to continue to serve the community this way and know that we’ve served more than a million meals across the city,” said Nailah Shaw, Willard PK-8 School food service manager.

“We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about how this has helped the community,” said Vonnie Crawley, a longtime cook at the McGuffey PK-8 School. “We’ve served not only Warren City School children, but also children that attend other schools, anyone who’s in need. I had one lady say to me ‘No child in Warren should be hungry!’”

Warren City Schools Business Operations Director john Lacy called the effort “teamwork at its best.”

“It really has been a collaborative effort with many departments in the school district,” he said.

The school district presented its own recognition to these outstanding employees: New shirts with the message ” “I’m Essential for a Million Reasons.”

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