‘Your work is being recognized inside and outside the district,’ Superintendent tells WCS staff at Convocation 2023

Warren City Schools Superintendent/CEO Steve Chiaro praised and encouraged staff members who gathered for the annual districtwide Convocation on Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023.

The gathering is held every year before students return to school. Students return on Monday, Aug. 21, 2023.

Superintendent Chiaro shared with the staff some of the compliments Gov. Mike DeWine offered in public, and in private about the work taking place within the school district to serve and advance students while preparing them for positive outcomes and bright futures.

During recent visits to Warren City Schools and Warren City, Gov. DeWine shared at various events that students attending Warren City Schools “are already a step ahead.” While discussing his recently launched initiative ReadOhio, Mr. DeWine shared that Warren City Schools:

“Where some school districts across the state are just getting started implementing (areas) of the ReadOhio initiative, Warren has already been steps ahead. The people of the (Warren) community should be very proud. This is something (Warren) started way back before the pandemic.” 

Likewise, Superintendent Chiaro thanked district staff for their ongoing efforts and reminded them to focus on why they are at Warren City Schools and work in education.

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