Building a Science Club at Willard PK-8 School

Students at Willard PK-8 School recently harvested the seeds from sunflower plants they grew over the summer.

During the 2021-2022 school year, the 5th-graders did a unit study through reading and writing on bees.

In the process, they discovered the dangers of losing bees in our world. They came up with a concept to help support the bees by planting flowers that the bees enjoyed. 

The students, with support and help from the school district’s custodial and Director of Business Operations John Lacy, planted 15 feet of sunflower on the back playground and several in the front yard.

Along with the sunflowers, they planted petunias, hibiscus and then lilies for spring. 

The students were able to take their reading, and comprehend and synthesize the issue, into hands-on, real-world problem solving for the bees, while creating an environment around our school that they could take pride in. 

The students will continue to work with application in real-world problem solving through the new science club that will be starting up at Willard this fall. 

Here are some highlights in picture form:

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