Collaborative Learning

Working It Out Together: Collaborative Learning Takes Front & Center at WGH

Students at Warren G. Harding High School have experienced the benefits of gathering in small groups or pairing up with a partner to explore various subjects and topics.

Toegther, the students work to solve problems, complete tasks and learn new concepts. They also build teamworking skills that help them outside the classroom.

For example, recently, students in Mrs. Habowski’s ecology class gathered observational data to explore whether abiotic factors influence plan growth.

Mrs. Hays-Neifer’s demonstrated Boyle’s law for students during chemistry class.

Meanwhile, students in another classroom arrived at peer editing conclusions written from a recent experiment, giving them each the opportunity to provide feedback to their peers based on the requirements of a rubric.  Students then return the conclusions to make edits before turning it in for grading.

Carol Wilson, Freshman Advisory teacher, utilizing micro labs for students to reflect on a topic, engaged in small group conversation with peers to hear personal viewpoints, then share ideas as a whole group. 

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