Learning at School & at Home: McGuffey teachers coach parents on helping their children at home

Dozens of families of 1st-grade students at the McGuffey PK-8 School were represented Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023, during a parent/family workshop.

The school’s 1st-grade teachers demonstrated what they and their students have been working on and provided families with resources to build on that progress at home.

WGH culinary students serve the Warren community with a touch of ‘sweetness’

October is an exciting time in the Principles of Foods cooking classes as students participate in “Make a Difference October.” 

Recently, five students – Faith Mason, Darien Monday, Erica Brooks, Jurnee Brantley and She’Ayla Allen – delivered 20 pans of caramel apple crisp to the Warren Family Mission.    

Each week throughout the month of October, in observance of “Make A Difference,” students in the cooking class prepare baked good items and then, as a group, decide how much of their baked goods to donate to nonprofit organizations in Warren.  

Students spent time researching local nonprofit organizations. The organizations with the most votes receive the donations over the next few weeks as a way to give back to the Warren community. 

Students contact the organizations to arrange the drop off, work in their lab groups to prepare the baked good items and then drop off the items with their instructor, Mrs. Scarmack. 

Guest author discusses writing, publishing & being young in America in troubled times

Two-time National Book Award finalist Deborah Wiles spent some time recently with eighth-grade students at the Willard PK-8 School discussing her writing and reading from her novel “Anthem.”

The book tells the story of two cousins who must take a road trip across American in 1969 in order to let a teen know he’s been drafted to fight in Vietnam. Full of photos, music, and figures of the time, the book illustrates what it’s like to be young and American in troubled times.

Wiles, who specializes in writing children’s books, lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

WGH Senior Studio students ‘plow’ through ODOT painting project

Students in Mr. Johnson’s Senior Studio class at Warren G. Harding High School have been busy painting a special canvas provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The students are participating in the ODOT Paint the Plow program. ODOT delivered snowplows to several area schools, including Harding, in September for students to paint.

The class designed their project around the theme of the movie “Krampus.”

ODOT is scheduled to pick up the completed project the week of Oct. 16.

The Paint the Plow program allows local schools and non-profit organizations to paint an ODOT snowplow blade with messages of snow and ice safety, state, school, or community pride, or patriotism, according to ODOT’s website.

Moving through the Design Process: WCS 8th-graders learn about mass production during visit to America Makes

Eighth-graders from Warren City Schools recently gained some hands-on experience at mass producing a product during a visit to America Makes in Youngstown.

The students, from the district’s four PK-8 schools, attended the 2nd Annual Manufacturing Day event at American Makes. The event was sponsored by American Makes and the Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition (MVMC).

School counselors from Jefferson, Lincoln, McGuffey and Willard schools, chose 36 students, collectively, to attend. They were chosen based on their responses to various surveys that they complete in their classes as well as in Naviance, the online platform used to support students’ exploration of their interests and how those interests can help them discover what they want to do after graduation. 

The students worked in small teams brainstorming and using the design process to manufacture a product, using a budget, creating a prototype, and presenting their products to their peers and local manufacturers. The produced prototypes for wheels for a car. However, they soon discovered that it wasn’t just about making a wheel, but rather the process to efficiently and economically mass producing a product. 

The experience was an opportunity for the students to experience engineering, design and modern manufacturing happening right here in the Valley, organizers explained.

The Ten80 Education group facilitated the team through the entire process while representatives from local manufacturing industries mentored the groups.  The industries included Brilex, FoxConn, Valllourec, City Machine Technologies, Hynes Industries, America Makes, and the Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition. 

In addition to those industries mentoring, they also provided an “Open House,” or forum, along with Schwebels and Linde, for students to ask questions and learn more about what the different companies do as the adults shared about their industries.  

Local manufacturers shared real-life examples and challenges they face during the Engineering Design Cycle, and tools that support their efforts (blue-prints, proto-typing, problem-solving, etc.)

Circle of Friends: Willard PK-8 students express friendship with handmade bracelets

Students at Willard PK-8 School recently spent some time giving bracelets to classmates who have been good friends.

The middle school students helped the K-2 students make the bracelets. Some of the bracelets had the recipient’s name.

The Willard Friendship Bracelets activity was part of the school’s commitment to encourage students to “Be A Good Friend.”

Plants, bees & other things: WCS kindergarten students learn from Masters Gardeners

Kindergarten students from Warren City Schools four PK-8 Buildings – Jefferson, Lincoln, McGuffey and Willard – traveled to the Garfield Community Garden the week of Oct. 2, 2023, to spend some time with members of The Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program.

Topics and activities included:

  • The Importance of Pollinators and Pollinator Plants Students visited the Monarch Way Station and Pollinator Gardens where they learned about Monarchs, native butterflies, and native bees, and observed pollinators at work and pollinator plants. Each kindergarten class received milkweed seeds.
  • A Vegetable “Hunt” that included information about how different kinds of vegetables grow, i.e, root vegetables, vines, etc., and seasons in which they are planted and harvested. Students were asked to identify vegetables. Volunteers were stationed at the vegetable stops. Each class received samples.
  • Garlic planting. Instructed and assisted by volunteers, each student planted a garlic clove in a prepared plot. Each class was given a garlic pot to grow in the classroom and teachers were given information about growing garlic.
  • Viewing the African Corn Patch Each class learned about Winnie’s fantastic corn patch.

Plasma table gives WGH metals & welding students ‘cutting edge’ opportunity

To better teach his students in the lab, metals and welding instructor Tom Sullivan spent part of Warren City Schools Oct. 4, 2023, Waiver/Professional Learning Day honing his skills on the new cutting machine at Warren G. Harding High School.

The machine is actually a 2022 Torchmate 4800 CNC Plasma Table made by Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems. 

The four welding booths and four welding simulators at Harding were all produced by Lincoln Electric.  The school district has developed a great partnership with the company’s office in Cleveland dating back at least seven years, explained Suzette Jackson, assistant curriculum director for grades 6-12.

Plasma tables are used in manufacturing, agricultural, engineering and construction fields to cut iron, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals using a plasma torch. Plasma cutting machines are computer automated, allowing for a high level accuracy for a precise cuts. They have been used to make signs, yard art, outdoor furniture, gates, indoor décor, wall décor, emblems, fire pits, decorative panels, and sculptures, among other items.

The district was able to purchase the plasma table with federal grant funding through an Expanding Opportunities for Each Child grant.

McGuffey PK-8: Encouraging Positive Behavior through Student Rewards System

In Mrs. Mickler’s 3rd grade class at McGuffey PK-8 School, one goal is for her students to collectively garner 50 compliments from others, including teachers and staff.

If a student receives a compliment while walking down the hall, he or she may tally it on Mrs. Mickler’s Compliment Chart. Once the class reaches the 50-mark goal, the students will be rewarded with an activity, such as a party, to celebrate.

It’s all part of Warren City Schools efforts to facilitate Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) among all students.

Meanwhile, in Mrs. Waldman’s 1st grade class, students earn McGuffey dollars they can redeem at the McGuffey Store. Some are saving up for various items such as stickers, candy or other snacks, bracelets and special drinks. Other rewards include being permitted to take their shoes off in class, sitting with a friend for the day or a positive call from the school to the student’s home.