Exciting Free Reading Resources!

Infohio and MackinVIA are free website’s that offer students the opportunity to read awesome books for free as well as view cool videos.  Infohio is Ohio’s PreK-12 digital library that has customized links for students to go into, that they can experience many interesting and engaging topics on every subject.  MackinVIA has over 8000 ebooks that students of all ages can read whether it be Fiction or Nonfiction… this website has something for everyone.

The school name for MackinVIA LOGIN is : Lincoln PK 8,  Login name and password: lincolnpk8

logo of the infohio website

Lincoln’s Lunchtime Smiles

It is all smiles from our staff for the students coming for lunch.  Our lunchtime is from 11:00-1:00 PM.  Each day, since our school closed, the Lincoln staff has prepared bag lunches and smiles for our kids.   =]


People packing up lunches for the students...boxes all around
The Maintenance and custodial staff are also helping pack up lunches  for the weekend.                                                                                                
chalk drawing on sidwalk of sun with text saying we are in this together
“#in this together”

Grades 6-8 Counselor Services

Naviance website

The Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum is a blended learning solution for  students that helps them develop critical non-cognitive skills and college knowledge and instills confidence so that they’ll persevere to reach their long-term college and career goals.  Click on the links below for individual class information.

6th Grade Student Guide

7th Grade Student Guide

8th Grade Student Guide

For more Information please contact Mrs. Dicesare at:  REMIND@lincoln58s   or


COSI comes to Lincoln

COSI on Wheels is a an extension of the Columbus COSI Science center.  They brought a special interactive program to our K-5 students called Exploring Ecology.  The students got to enjoy a high energy, fun assembly, where they learned  the way living things interact in a habitat to survive. They explored forests, rivers, prairies, and wetlands.

The students also were able to experience different interactive stations that explored interesting aspects of Ecology.  For example one taught how animals camouflaged themselves for survival.  At another, students looked through special lenses to experience different animals’ eyesight.   Ecological monitoring was the theme in still another station where students saw the same habitat in all of our different seasons.  It was vey cool for all of our students in the K-5.




Thursday, February 20th, was the Preschool Family day.  It featured our all-day preschool class.  Our activities were based on the book Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews. Parents and students played games and activities based on the mathematical concepts of subsidizing, greater than/less than and graphing. Families were given activities to further these skills at home.

parent with two children at a table Parent with tree preschoolers at a table doing a project Parent with 4 preschoolers doing a math project at a table

7th Grade STEM pixel project

A combination of Art, Math and Technology

STEM Students submitted  “pixel-like” drawings done on graph paper.  The class voted on their favorite design for the project.  The winning design was re-created as a full-color gridded picture on a 4’x8′ surface. Each student in the class was responsible for painting their portion of the 432 paper circles.  The circles were assembled in a grid that corresponded to the original design.

Graph Paper of sponge bob face
Graph paper of original student design used to create the large project.

1st Grade Family Day

First grade family day was held on January 28, 2020.  The Parents began their day in the cafetorium with pod principal, coach and liaison.  They had a discussion about TGRG, listening to their child read and supports in the parent folder.

The parents went into their students room and they began by reading the book I Don’t Want to be a Frog by Dev Petty.   They were learning about reading text with expression.  The students and parents had a turn and talk discussion on the word “glum” in the context of the story.

The students and guests then made a frog mask that they would be able to use in a Reader’s Theater from their folder at home.  They also played a word game.  So Fun!

1st grade students playing word game with adults 1st grade students playing a word game with parents at desks