Lincoln Families Rise to the Famous Art “Quarantine” Challenge!!

Despite closing classrooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic, families are still finding ways to feel artistically inspired from the comfort of their homes.  Last month, Lincoln Art teacher, Ms. Babik sent out a “challenge” to families who were self-isolating at home to recreate their favorite pieces of artwork using everyday household items.

Lincoln families proved more than willing to accept the challenge and responded to the call with personalized remakes of  famous Art pieces by the likes of Edvard Munch, Rembrandt van Rijn, Leonardo DaVinci and more. The stay-at-home artists pulled from their stashes of household supplies, enlisted the help of their pets, stuffed animals and children’s toys  to remake the perfect portrayal of a famous work of Art of their choice.

And… although school is out for the summer… We challenge YOU
to take a break from the everyday and get inspired!

We will continue this challenge through summer and into the fall, so there is still time to participate!!  Search for Famous Art, re-create the Artwork from supplies found around the house, and submit BOTH photos to Ms. Babik at

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”Lady with an Ermine” by Leonardo DaVinci with little girl and seal on side
Lady with an Ermine” by Leonardo DaVinci Re-Created by Leah Lindenmuth
“Portrait of A Young Girl”
“Portrait of A Young Girl” by Shrylia re-created by Alyssa Woodland
“Boy With a Dog” painting
“Boy With a Dog” painting by Serguei Zlenko “Boy With a Dog” by Azariah Richardson
The Mona Lisa”
“The Mona Lisa” by Leonardo DaVinci Re-created by Jayden Bailey
a man in a suit with an apple in his mouth
“The Son of Man” by Rene Magritte Re-created by Brayen Scott
A Girl with a Watering Can”
A Girl with a Watering Can” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Re-created by Brielle Bays
A statue of a bronze man thinking
The Thinker Tristan By Sebastian Vaughn
little boy holding face with hands
“The Scream” by Edvard Munch and Quinten Coram
woman and child holding dogs
“Lady Hamilton As ‘Nature’” by George Romney Re-created by Cynthia Morgan
two hands touching index fingers
“God Creates Adam”Re-created by Destiny and Jayden Harner
a boy and a girl holding hands
“Snap the Whip” by Winslow Homer
a boy laying on a couch
“The Nightmare” By Henri Fuseli …. By Dexter Beaver
Mom holding small boy on sofa
“Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch “Mom and Son” by Sean Johnson
two faces of young boys smiling
Portrait of Pope Francis Re-created by Fredrick Rivera
a little girl holding a book looking at stuffed dog in corner
Sandra Jessop “Dog Trainer Illustration” Re-created by Izybella Fisher
Rembrandt “Old Man In An Armchair”
Rembrandt “Old Man In An Armchair” Re-Created by Jayla Norman
Little girl holding a cat
“Sara Holding A Cat” by Mary Cassatt Re-created by “Kaidan Horm Holding Cat”
four children sitting in a row in a living room
“The Virgin and Child” Re-created by Liam, Ethan, and Judy Dodge
A little girl holding her face with her hands in a startled expression
Edvard Munch “The Scream” by Josephina Zackeroff
Girl with white tall wig on sitting in chair
Marie Jeanne Puissant” by Alexander Roslin Re-created by Lilyanna Brockway
little boy hold a dog standing on a chair
“Master Simpson” by Arthur William Devis re-created by Holden Flannery and His Cat
little girl holding a bunch of colorfull helium balloons
Bransky “Girl with Balloons” Re-created by Camilla Kalafat
two hands touching their index fingers
“The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo Re-created by the Adams’… Georgia and Cooper
Man and woman famers standing together with man holding a pitch fork
“American Gothic” by Grant Wood Re-created by Nicholas Maillis 7th grade, son of Mrs . Maillis
many pictures of a little boy playing
“A Day In the Life of A Boy” by Norman Rockwell “A Day In the Life of Carter” by Amanda Channell
black cat sitting up on carpeting
“A Black Cat” submitted by Isabella Sayers
woman sitting on couch reading a book holding a dog
“Blond and Brunette by Charles Burton Barber “Addie and Ms. B” by Judy Babik, 2020
man standing with large dog
“Portrait of a Man with a Dog” by Bartolomeo Passerotti Re-created by Kevin McCarty
woman sitting on beach
Impressionist style “Young Woman On Beach” by Brenda Peake , Old Olesky on Beach


Lincoln’s End of the Year Parade

Many teachers of the Lincoln staff came out to participate in the Lincoln’s year end parade.  The teachers wanted to send a message to the students that we miss them.  Twenty five cars were led by a district Fire truck with Fire Captain Chuck Eggleston leading our parade.  Many students and families were on the route that was created by Officer Currington.  Trish Dicesare, our school guidance counselor, was instrumental in planning and comunicating all of the information to the staff essentially making this event possible.   The teachers expressed how special it was to see all of their students waving and cheering as they drove by.  Thank you Lincoln students… you are AWESOME!