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Lincoln’s End of the Year Parade

Many teachers of the Lincoln staff came out to participate in the Lincoln’s year end parade.  The teachers wanted to send a message to the students that we miss them.  Twenty five cars were led by a district Fire truck with Fire Captain Chuck Eggleston leading our parade.  Many students and families were on the route that was created by Officer Currington.  Trish Dicesare, our school guidance counselor, was instrumental in planning and comunicating all of the information to the staff essentially making this event possible.   The teachers expressed how special it was to see all of their students waving and cheering as they drove by.  Thank you Lincoln students… you are AWESOME!





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One thought on “Lincoln’s End of the Year Parade

  1. Thank you to all the students, parents, family members, staff members and community members who made this such a special day! Your support was just overwhelming!!!!

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