Book Walk

Students, staff, and community members are invited to come participate in the book walk outside of the building of Lincoln. Through a grant provided by the Schermer DiYorio Foundation, we were able to install a temporary book display around the building. The first featured book is “Snowman at Night” by Caralyn Buehner. The first book includes 14 signs to read and different physical activities to complete. Ms. Babik and Mrs. Selak wanted students, staff, and community to have the ability to get outdoors, enjoy reading, and have some fun.

Pride Pals

Pride Pals is an extension of the classroom Social Emotional Learning program. Seventh and eighth grade students meet with kids in Kindergarten through third grade every Monday. They help their student make with goal setting, making good choices and  developing healthy relationships.

Last week, pride pals got together in the library for game time. Cooperative play is a great way to reinforce all of the skills that students learn through SEL.

Spelling Bee Winners

Lincoln held their school spelling bee on Friday, January 13, 2023. The  3rd-5th grade spelling bee went 16 rounds with the winning word being “reservation”.

The 6th – 8th grade spelling bee went 14 rounds with the winning word being “intubated”.

Congratulations to all spelling bee participants. A special congratulations to Genevieve Ramey who won the 3rd – 5th grade spelling bee and Micaiah Capers who won the 6th – 8th grade spelling bee. Our school runner ups were grades 3-5 Kallie Wilson and grades 6-8 Luca Dennis.

The school winners will go on to represent Lincoln at the WFMJ regional spelling bee in March

Spelling Bee

Lincoln School Spelling Bee will be held on Friday, January 13th in the small gym. 

Grades 3-5 will compete at 9:30 am and Grades 6-8 will compete at 12:30 pm. Parents are asked to park in the back parking lot and someone will let them in the back door. 

We have almost 50 students participating in the school bees this year.  The winners will go on to participate in the WFMJ Scripps Spelling Bee which is held in March.