Point of View

Students in the fourth grade were practicing identifying and comparing points of view in their ELA class by completing task cards. They had a fun time looking at the cards and discussing what they thought about the subject on the cards. On their clipboards they compared each other’s point of view.


Lincoln PreK-8 recently held our school Spelling Bee on January 7th for the 3rd – 8th graders. We had 30 students participate in representing their classroom.  The students competed using the words provided by the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  Congratulations to Capri Kalafat in 5th grade from Mrs. Chucksa’s class for winning the 3rd – 5th grade Spelling Bee.  After 153 words being spelled her winning word in round 32 was swankiest.  Bryson Scott in 5th grade from Mrs. Fetcenko’s class was our runner up. 

Congratulations to Carter Verbosky in 7th grade from Miss Thirion’s ELA class for winning the 6th – 8th grade spelling bee.  After 141 words being spelled, his winning word in round 19 was sustenance.  Samantha Brown in 8th grade from Miss McMahon’s ELA class was the runner up. 

Thank you to our judges, Mrs. Boerio, Mrs. DiCesare, and Mrs. Marino and to our pronouncer Mrs. Bruno who is a retired English teacher.  Thank you to all the teachers for your support. 

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Spelling Bee.  Great job!

Mrs. Penman

View the entire spelling Bee by clicking on the link below:

3-5 Spelling Bee

6-8 Spelling Bee