Thursday, February 20th, was the Preschool Family day.  It featured our all-day preschool class.  Our activities were based on the book Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews. Parents and students played games and activities based on the mathematical concepts of subsidizing, greater than/less than and graphing. Families were given activities to further these skills at home.

parent with two children at a table Parent with tree preschoolers at a table doing a project Parent with 4 preschoolers doing a math project at a table

7th Grade STEM pixel project

A combination of Art, Math and Technology

STEM Students submitted  “pixel-like” drawings done on graph paper.  The class voted on their favorite design for the project.  The winning design was re-created as a full-color gridded picture on a 4’x8′ surface. Each student in the class was responsible for painting their portion of the 432 paper circles.  The circles were assembled in a grid that corresponded to the original design.

Graph Paper of sponge bob face
Graph paper of original student design used to create the large project.