Fire Safety

Students in grades kindergarten through third learned about fire safety from the Warren Fire Department. Students learned the basics about fire safety; such as Stop, Drop, and Roll. Student’s also were able to see what a fireperson would look like in their fire gear so that in an emergency they would not be scared.

Firefighter Dave performs Fire Safety programs all over the state of Ohio. He has asked that parents follow up with his program by going to his website and clicking on “downloads” and going to Episode #3 and creating a home escape plan.

Geography Bee

Twenty two students in grades 4-8 competed in the Geography Bee on March 14th in the small gym at Lincoln. They put their geographical knowledge to the test in this fun competition. Daniel Long (8th grade) was the overall winner, Micaiah Capers came in second, and Carter Verbosky came in third.

Spring Book Fair

The book fair will be coming from March 20th through the 31st. Students in grades K-3 will purchase during their regular library times, students in PK and Cross Cat on March 23rd, and students in grades 4-8 will purchase the following week during their Language Arts classes. Information regarding eWallet, magazine, and schedule will be coming home with students.

To shop our online fair click on this link. All orders ship directly to your home, and shipping is free for book orders over $25. Your online orders will benefit our school.

Thank you for all of your support. Email questions to:

Women’s History Month

All grade levels are busy celebrating different achievements of Women this month.

Mrs. Richardson’s sixth grade girls did a presentation on Henrietta Lacks. Her work nicknamed “HeLa” cells, from the first two letters of her first and last names — are used to study the effects of toxins, drugs, hormones and viruses on the growth of cancer cells without experimenting on humans. They have been used to test the effects of radiation and poisons, to study the human genome, to learn more about how viruses work, and played a crucial role in the development of the polio and COVID-19 vaccines.

Keva Blocks

The library has recently add 1,000 Keva blocks for the library and STEM classes to use to construct and complete various tasks. The STEM classes were challenged to build a tower that was taller than one of their team members and the library classes were asked to construct a rainbow that a team member could fit under.