Llamas of Love

Mrs. Babik’s art classes designed and painted ceramic llamas for the hospice patients at Ohio Living Home Health and Hospice to brighten up their holiday.  The students also used other craft decorations (gems, yarn, artificial flowers etc.) to make their llama’s extra special. The gift tag on each had the  Lincoln theme “PRIDE” an acronym for “personal responsibility in daily excellence” included on it.  The hospice recipients and nurses were sure to feel a “llotta llove” from the efforts of these students.

Mrs. Babik is pictured below (right) with Carol Davis, Volunteer Coordinator from Ohio health Living and Carol Davis with Chaplain Dan Tayman (left), all holding the wrapped llama’s.

Lincoln’s National Junior Honor Society has been busy!

The students in Lincoln’s NJHS have been busy with many service projects since the beginning of the school year. Mrs. Kelly Notar, NJHS Director, has chosen some of their activities to highlight.

The NJHS students donated goodies to create a dessert bar for the 6-8 students who earned this treat by excellent effort in grades and behavior.

The NJHS students brought in clothing and other donations for the Lincoln pantry. They also organized the room and folded and put away the clothes on shelves and on hangers.

NJHS held a food drive for the Warren Mission and challenged the classes each day with announcements. The class that brought in the most would have pizza reward. Mrs. Venetti’s 2nd grade class won.

NJHS students paired up with the Lincoln newspaper club to create designs to decorate the halls for the PK-8 students.

Keep up the great work NJHS students! You are awesome!

3D Printing at Lincoln

Students in Mrs. Olesky’s 7th and Mrs. Orr’s 8th grade technology classes did their first project on the 3D printers that are a new addition to the Lincoln computer labs. The students created snowflakes in Tinkercad, a CAD web app that lets students create 3D designs. Below are pictures of the students using the CAD program and their snowflakes.

Academically Creative!


Fifth-grade students put their creativity into action recently by making ornaments.

However, this wasn’t just a “crafting” project, it was an opportunity to combine creativity with active listening, following directions and learning cooperatively.

Students worked together in small groups to discover new concepts and to help each other learn.

‘Magical’ Holiday Mashup Adds Sparkle to PK-3 Students’ Day at Lincoln

With bright eyes and smiles on their faces, PK-3 students exclaimed in excitement as they entered Lincoln’s first HOLIDAY MASHUP MAGICAL EVENT.

The brain-child event of Lincoln art teachers Judy Babik and Lisa Scavnicky- Mamula, librarian Jill Selak  and computer teacher Mary Olesky.Mashup was held Friday, Dec. 16, 2021, at Lincoln PK-8 School.

The vision was for the PK-3 students to experience a Kraynak’s-like atmosphere. The thought behind the event was also to celebrate the holiday season, but in a same manner.

The Lincoln Climate committee met to discuss how the event could take place and what “elves” would be needed to pull off such a celebration.

Students in NJHS, Student Council, The Yearbook Club and various art classes helped to make decorations for the stage and put up all items for the event. Kevin McCarty played Santa Claus and his trusty elf was Brianna Rzucidlo. As one second grader said, “It was magical.”

Spinning Wheels Help Kindergarten Students Put Their Surroundings Into Perspective

By creating spinning wheels, Lincoln’s kindergarten students were able to explore what happens to their surroundings when the seasons change.

Spinning the wheel to the next section, they could see how their tree leaves and branches changed during winter spring, summer and fall.

The lesson incorporated arts integration into reading and writing activities. It is among several activities taking place across Warren’s four PK-8 schools through the district’s partnership with Any Given Child and the Kennedy Center.