McGuffey Penny Wars for United Way

McGuffey students in grades 6-8 will be participating in Penny Wars for the United Way.
Students are encouraged to bring in donations for the United Way and have some friendly

competition with each other.

Pennies count as 1 point and currency counts as the number of
pennies it reflects: $1.00 is 100 points, $5.00 is 500 points, $10.00 is

1,000 points, $20.00 is 2,000 points.

Students will put their pennies and currency in to a container for their grade level. But, here’s
the catch….if a student has nickels, quarters or half dollars, they can put them in the
container for a different grade and that grade will lose points! For example if an eighth grader
puts a quarter in the 7th grade container, then 7th grade loses 25 points! The winner will be
the grade that has the most points at the competition, which is from March 13th-March 17th.

The winning grade will have a ice cream party at lunch,
but the big winner will be the United Way!

“Classroom Dimes”

Each 6-8 classroom will also be collecting dimes. The classroom who has the most dimes collected will win a pizza party.

McGuffey students in grades K-2 and 3-5 will also have Penny
Wars. Each classroom will fill a container with donations for the
United Way. The classroom in each pod that collects the most
money will win an ice cream party. The grade level in each pod
that collects the most money will win a dance party!
And, again, the big winner will be the United Way!

Career Day for 3, 4, and 5 on Monday, March 20, 2023

On Monday March 20, our third, fourth, and fifth grade students will be celebrating Career Day.  Family member volunteers,  as well as community members, will present to our students the various jobs and schooling needed to obtain their profession.   Career days are a great way to expose students to a variety of jobs and make a connection between school and workplace.