Willard Parade!!!

Attention Willard Families!!!  On Friday May 1st, the Willard Staff will be having a parade starting at 2:00.  Below is the route the staff will be taking in their cars. We miss you all!! We want to see you!!! 

Willard Parade Route

  • Leave from back lot onto N. Feederle
  • Left onto Hazelwood
  • Left onto Milton
  • Right onto Central Parkway
  • Right onto Briar
  • Left onto Duke
  • Left onto Wallace
  • Right onto Niles Road
  • Right onto Benton
  • Right onto Draper
  • Left onto Duke
  • Right onto Benton
  • Right onto Draper
  • Left onto Niles Road
  • Left onto South Street, will turn into West Market Street
  • Right onto Ohio
  • Right onto Summit
  • Right onto Parkman (422)
  • Left onto Styles
  • Left onto Tod
  • Right onto Summit
  • Left onto Mahoning
  • Right onto Comstock
  • Right onto Vernon
  • Right onto Roosevelt
  • Left (quick) onto Vernon
  • Left onto Hall
  • Right onto North Park
  • Left onto Belmont
  • Right onto Paige
  • Right onto Fairfield
  • Left onto Olive
  • Right onto Washington
  • Left onto Vine (jogs to the right to cross over Scott Street)
  • Left onto Porter
  • Right onto Elm Road
  • Left onto East Market
  • Right onto Charles
  • Left onto South Street
  • Right onto Oak Knoll
  • Left onto Grandview
  • Right onto Belvedere
  • Left onto Crosby
  • Left onto Francis
  • Right on Sussex
  • Left onto Kenmore
  • Right onto Belle
  • Right onto Willard
  • Left onto Somerset
  • Right onto Perkinswood
  • Left onto Central Parkway
  • Right onto Sussex
  • Right onto Meadowbrook
  • Left onto Central Parkway
  • Right onto Beck
  • Back at Willard!!!

Ohio State Fair Contest

CONTEST POST (GRADES K-5): Ohio families – let’s join together and bring a little color to our lives while we’re practicing #remotelearning with a special “CRAFTED” exercise. 🎨👇

Much like “CHOPPED” does with household cooking items, “CRAFTED” will allow Ohioans to show off the amazing things they can create with assorted items found in and around the home:
– Paper
– Construction paper
– Magazines
– Scissors
– Paint
– Markers
– Crayons
– Pencils
– Pens
– Stamps and ink
– Stickers
– Glue/glue stick
– Tape
– Fabric
– Glitter
– Foil
– Food (dried pasta, dried beans, cereal, etc.)
– Nature items (rocks, sticks, pine cones, etc.)
– String or yarn
– Office supplies (paper clips, staples, rubber bands, post-its)
– Q-tips
– Cotton balls
– Pipe cleaners
– Food containers
– Any other household craft items you may have
– BONUS – use an out-of-the-ordinary “bonus item” you find – like a broken picture frame, empty jar, old coffee canister, drink holder, coaster, vase, etc.

🏆Post the photo of your creation in the comments here. We’ll randomly select 10 winners to get a free VIP family four pack to attend the next Ohio State Fair, including parking, four admission passes and round-trip SkyGlider passes.🏆

🖼️ All participants are invited to bring their craft with them when they come to the Ohio State Fair so it can be displayed alongside the Fair’s many art exhibits in Kasich Hall.

Learn more about youth arts at the Ohio State Fair, including the numerous competitions available to celebrate budding artists, at http://ohiostatefair.com/youth-arts/.

We’re #InThisTogetherOhio!

Winners will be drawn after June 1, 2020