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Color Days at Jefferson

Students at Jefferson can help our preschool and kindergarten students practice learning their colors with our annual color days. Students will read books, sing songs, read poems, color pictures, and study different animals or food of a certain color. Below is a calendar of what colors students will focus on. Please do not go out and buy new clothes- simply try to wear something of the color each day.

Monday September 11th: RED

Tuesday September 12th: ORANGE

Wednesday September 13th: NO SCHOOL – Waiver Day

Thursday September 14th: YELLOW

Friday September 15th: GREEN

Monday September 18th: BLUE/PURPLE

Tuesday September 19th: BROWN

Wednesday September 20th: GRAY/PINK

Thursday September 21st: BLACK/WHITE

Friday September 22nd: RAINBOW DAY (Wear any or as many colors as you like!

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