Parade Pics!

Thank you to all the families that came out to see our parade. All the waves, posters and smiles made this such a special event. You are missed. You are loved.

Jefferson Parade!

Hello Jefferson families! On Wednesday, May 13th at 3:30PM Jefferson teachers and staff will have a car parade through your neighborhood. Stand outside your house or watch from your window as we parade by your houses! Wave hello to all your favorite teachers! We miss you all and can’t wait to see you! Below is a list of streets that will be visited.

Parade Route Order of Stops:
*We will be traveling roads near these locations

1. Highland Homes
2. The Hamps (passing on Tod)
3. Villager Park
4. Tod passing Miller, Bane, Dover
5. 6th, Deerfield, Saratoga, Ferndale (Sweetbrier and Southwest come out to visit!)
6. Palmyra, Risher, Michelle, Willow, Hemlock, Kenwood
7. Jackson, Delaware, Hamilton, Oak, Nevada (Passing Front)
8. McMyler (Passing Nevada, Oregon, Iowa, Penn, York, Ohio and Dickey)
9. Parkman to Front to Austin (passing Union, Hamilton, Jefferson, Oak, and Pearl)
10. Palmyra to Parkman (passing Union, Hamilton, Jefferson, Oak, Pearl and Swallow)
11. Front to Tod
12. Back to Jefferson!